Personal Protection
Protecting those we love in a cost-effective manner can be complex but ignoring the problem doesn't bear thinking about.

We'd all like to make sure that our families would be financially stable if something were to happen to us.  However, assessing and prioritising these risks is difficult and choosing the right types of insurance policies to cover them in a cost-effective manner can be complex - doing so within budget even more so.

An independent financial adviser can assess your needs and preferences and recommend the correct policies from the whole of the market to best meet your needs within your budget. Critically this means finding the right type of policies with terms and conditions that fit your needs - insuring the real risks that matter to your family.
But insurance isn't the whole picture.  There are other risks which present themselves throughout our lives and a good financial adviser will prompt you to consider these and recommend the most suitable course of action to minimise them.

What should I protect?

The links below are intended to give you an idea of the risks you might face at different life stages and the options that exist to minimise them.  The risks and potential solutions listed are not meant to be exhaustive and many of the points made will not apply to everyone. Please note that this doesn't constitute financial advice and that we do strongly recommend you seek professional financial advice before taking, cancelling or changing any policies.  Taking taking action without advice could leave you at risk, paying over the odds, or both!

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No Dependants

A single adult or couple with no children

A couple or single adult with one or more children
Empty Nesters

A couple or single adult with grown up children or approaching retirement

A retired couple or single adult