About us

 Our Origins

Whitchurch IFA was initially created to offer a unique referral service for professionals such as accountants and solicitors, though we are also happy to deal directly with the public.

This initial objective obliged us to have rigidly documented core principles, the highest standard of independence and high qualifications to allow our introducers to show the highest due diligence, to protect our clients and to meet the standards required by our regulators.

Our standards oblige us to maintain an unusually high standard of qualifications.  The minimum qualifications to be authorised as a financial adviser from 2013 will be NQF/QCF Level 4 (equivalent to 'HNC' level).  By contrast we are qualified to graduate (BSc/BA) level in addition to the required professional qualifications.

Our Principles and Code of Ethics

 invite you to view our principles, policies and processes document in full here.  This document details how we believe a financial advisory company should operate.  The document is quite lengthy, however a concise version of the ten core principles are as follows;

1. To abide by both the letter and the spirit of all applicable UK laws and regulations.
2. To uphold the strictest standard of professional ethics in all our dealings – the advice given will always place the client's interest first.
3. To remain strictly independent – product recommendations are not taken from a panel or limited selection of financial products and we do not maintain a 'one-platform' policy.   Our recommendations are the demonstrably most suitable options for the needs of the client from the whole of the market.
4. To receive fair payment only – the way we are to be paid, by fee or commission, must be agreed with the client in advance.  The company shall receive no hidden payments or commissions nor any payments where no work has been done for the client.
5. We will not hold client's money at any time.  If we recommend any financial product and arrange it for you, any cheque you write or bank-transfer you send will be to the provider themselves.
6. We will not charge for an initial meeting, nor for any work we do to assess whether it will be worthwhile for you to take advice from us.
7. If we recommend you to take advice or services from any other adviser or company we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that they are sound, financially prudent, and adhere to the same ethical standards as ourselves.
8. We do not provide “execution-only” sales.  Our job is to provide advice and arrange recommended products.  If we arrange a product without advising on it, we cannot be sure it is the most suitable product for you.
9. We won't advise or arrange any financial product that we feel is unsuitable for you, even if you insist that you want us to.  For example - a client who wants to take a high risk investment but cannot afford to lose any part of the money he invests.
10. We shall donate 2% of our monthly net profit to a local charity.  Currently our supported charity is the Noah's Ark Appeal, the official charity of the Children’s Hospital for Wales.  Registered Charity No. 1069485

If you would like to know more do feel free to contact us by calling on
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I look forward to being of assistance to you.

James Parsons BSc DIP AIPW
Director & 
Independent Financial Adviser