Equity Release and Home Reversion Plans
Equity release and home reversion plans can allow retirement-age home-owners to raise capital from their homes.

Although equity release and home reversion will be right for some people, we consider them to be options of last resort and our policy is to rule out all other possible solutions first before considering them. They carry significant downsides which must be fully discussed, considered and accepted before proceeding.

Reasons you may wish to release equity

 To repay a mortgage which is still in place at retirement

 To top up retirement income

 To make necessary home improvements

 To raise capital to improve your lifestyle in retirement

 To help fund care costs


The advisory process

Advice on equity release and home reversion plans is something of a specialist area and we pride ourselves on the standards we set. 
We strongly recommend that the children or intended beneficiaries of the client's estate be involved for parts of the process if at all possible and should be present for at least one of our meetings.

The first step is to discuss the basics of the client's situation. We will often be able to suggest alternatives to consider before equity release at this stage, or between us we may identify a specific reason why equity release or home reversion plans may not be suitable for them. Once we have ascertained that equity release might be suitable we may then offer to provide financial advice.

Next we will make a detailed assessment of the client's situation by completing a full fact-find.  This normally takes at least one meeting of 1-2 hours - it's quite common for it to take longer in some cases, but it is important to be thorough to ensure our understanding of our client's situation is as accurate as possible.

Once our fact-find is complete we will begin our research 
to identify the most suitable product on the market to meet the client's needs given their own personal circumstances and preferences.  We will then arrange a further meeting to present our conclusions and recommendations.  The decision to go ahead is of course the client's, though it is our recommendation that they take time to think about it and ideally discuss it with their family before making a decision.

Next Steps

If you wish to take advice on a new or existing investment portfolio or simply wish to discuss the options, do feel free to contact us.

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