Mortgage Advice and Arranging

Choosing the right mortgage can be as important
as choosing the right home for your family.

Taking out a mortgage is normally a long term commitment and a pivotal moment in your financial life. Taking professional advice on this decision will not only ensure you get the best deal but will also ensure the features of your mortgage are right for you and your family.  

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The importance of independent, whole-of-market advice

When deciding who to turn to for this advice you have several options.  A bank's own mortgage adviser can normally offer only a limited range of mortgages, for example the bank's own mortgages, and the range of insurers they can recommend is often limited too - this means that although you'll be recommended the most suitable mortgage and insurance from their panel, it's quite possible a more suitable option for you existed elsewhere on the market. 

An independent financial adviser can not only recommend the most suitable mortgage and protection for you from the whole of the market but will also help 
you consider your family's other financial needs which may run concurrently.  For example;
 Will your desired mortgage affect your ability to fund your children's higher education? Or your retirement income?  Or your other long term goals?
 Could you cope with the additional expense if you were unable to work long term?
 How would your family or partner cope financially if you passed away or were diagnosed with a critical/serious illness?  Would the household income after your death be enough, even if the mortgage was paid off?
 What would happen to your estate if you died?  Would it suffer inheritance tax? Would it ultimately pass to your children?  Who would look after your children?

Our Service Levels

We offer two levels of service for clients looking to take mortgage advice.  

Ideally we will normally offer to both recommend the most suitable mortgage for you and arrange that mortgage. However some providers will not liaise with intermediaries - if the mortgage we identify as the most suitable for a given client happens to be one of these then we will make the recommendation but will not be able to arrange the mortgage for the client - they will have to handle that .  Our fee will of course be reduced accordingly in such situations to reflect the fact that we would be doing less work for you.

We always give you a choice of which service levels we will provide and we'll talk over the options with at our first meeting and help you decide which option would best suit you.

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Next Steps

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