Inheritance Tax Planning


We all want to know that our loved ones will be looked after once we're gone.  

Unfortunately there is the possibility that our estates may be eroded by costs such as inheritance tax and long term care before reaching our beneficiaries.  Estate preservation is the process of planning for the potential threats which can endanger our estates.

We believe this process should go hand-in-hand with planning to ensure your own quality of life in retirement, as these two goals can often be conflicting.  E
state preservation can also be quite complex - it's often not sufficient to just write a will, or just make some gifts, or just create a trust - sometimes these solutions must be used in concert and in the right manner to preserve your estate without disadvantaging your retirement.

For these reasons and more, financial advice is strongly recommended when considering estate planning - the wrong strategies could be ineffective, could harm your financial position, or worse.

We normally recommend that inheritance tax and care planning be considered side by side but this page deals specifically with inheritance tax planning advice to keep things simple.  For details of long term care planning advice, click here or choose from the Care Planning options in the menu above and to the right.

Inheritance Tax Advice

Inheritance tax
 can place a significant burden on the estate, but with careful planning it may be possible to legitimately minimise your exposure to inheritance tax, allowing more of your funds to reach those you intend to have them.  

When advising a client on inheritance tax planning we will first make a detailed assessment of their inheritance tax liability, their financial situation and their own financial needs.

Secondly we will assess possible avenues of IHT mitigation which might be used without adversely affecting the client's own needs.  This is critical because all inheritance tax solutions have potential downsides and must be weighed very carefully against the client's own needs.

Thirdly we make recommendations and assist the client in putting solutions in place.  For more information on potential solutions, see below.

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